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Día del Libro 2013

Ya está aquí la semana en la que celebramos el Día del Libro y como todos los años, en el Instituto se instala una pequeña feria donde puedes encontrar libros con importantes descuentos. No te pierdas las actividades que se van a celebrar!!!
Y unas fotos del mural que ha realizado Juan Prado con algunos alumnos 
  1. A Connecticut Yankee in the King Arthur's Court:
    I would like to recommend an historical and adventure book called "A Connecticut Yankee in the King Arthur's Court".

    Yhe book is a adventure and historical story that relates the adventures of Gadfray Simon, the main character, in the Middle Ages, there he met the king Arhtur, Merlin and a lot of characters who helped him to survive in that age. The setting is England and USA.

    The things I liked most about the book were the historical setting and the characters, because I love history and the characters had a true behaviour from that age. But I think that the plot is not well done and it is not credible, in addition, the narration is poor, it doesn't describe the things enought. But on the contrary, it has some good scenes as the explosion of Merlin's Tower, I really liked that part.

    All in all,I liked the story, it was esay to read and interesting. I wasn't bored while I read it. After all I would change the beginning and I would introduce a time machine which he wolud use to go to the past. And I think that it would be better if it had a moral.
  2. Lucía Félix Prieto 3ºB29 de mayo de 2013 13:34
    The book that I'd like to recommend is ''The Beatles''. It was written by Paul Shimpton, a great fan of the band, who has listened to their songs since he was born.

    The book is a biography of the band. It tells the story of The Beatles, since their beginning, until their hard end. It shows how the different members of the band: John, Paul, George and Ringo, changed and developed along the years that they were together; the songs with new and amazing melodies and lyrics that they composed, and the impact that they caused in the musical context of the 60's and 70's.

    The things that I liked the most were, for example, how different the story of The Beatles became along the book: they started as a small band, formed by John and Paul (and George, later on), playing in some locals, with just a small influence, and, finally, they became the most important band of music in all times. I also liked the way in which the book is written, because it shows you a lot of details that could seem insignificant if you don't pay enough attention, but they are very important in their professional career and its development.

    All in all, I think people like me would like this book, that love the Beatles so much: their records, hits, performances and their whole story, step by step. I strongly recommend it, because I liked it a lot; you can go in depth into their lives and musical career. It's amazing!

    I'd like to recommend my friends a book I read some days ago called Sherlock Holmes: The Norwood Mystery. The author of the book is Arthur Conan Doyle.
    This book is a detective story and the setting is London, 1894. Sherlock Holmes is the main character, a crime investigator; Dr.Watson is his personal helper; and Mc Farlane is a guy who is wrongly accused by a murder.
    The thing I liked most about the book was how Sherlock Holmes discovered the truth, he investigated in a really intelligent and nice way and I liked it.
    I specially liked the scenes in which Dr.Watson gave up but Sherlock Holmes wanted to continue and he carried on thinking and investigating.
    All in all, I liked this book because it is an interesting book which everyone who likes detective stories would love reading. It has a happy ending in which, obviously, Sherlock Holmes discovers the truth. It is an easy book to read and its vocabulary is not difficult.

    Luis Miguel San Martín Fernández
    3º ESO B
  4. English book review

    I´d like to recommend a book which I have read recently , called "The secret agent". The author of the book is John Boyne .

    The book is a detective story which takes place in London , 1886 . The main character is Mr . Verloc , a doble agent , who spies the police , he spies for an anarchist group .

    The things i liked most about the book were the characters and their personalities , apart from the events in the story . The story is a bit confusing , but it makes the story more interesting and thrilling , the end is a bit sad , because a lot of people die .

    All in all , i really liked the novel , and thought it hasn´t got a happy ending , i wouldn´t change it . It´s a difficult book to read but the story is very good .

    Francisco Tirado Balagué . 3·B
    Aldous Huxley

    I'd like to recommend this book to all those people who love reading science fiction books. Imagine how the future will be like and then, compare it with an imagine future in this amazing story of feelings and real life.
    The book was written by Aldous Huxley in 1932. This man is considered one of the most important representatives of modern thought. The title is perfect according to the plot of the book. 'Oh, brave new world' was written by Shakespeare in one of his works, and it's mentioned in the story. A short summary of this interesting book would be: People in the future won't have a family and they will be born from eggs. Then, everyone will belong to a social class,each one with different characteristics. People will be happy all the time with what they do and what they have,that's the idea of 'Brave new world', but not all of them,because two inhabitants of London will feel lonely and sad. This are the main characters: Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson, two friends who belonged to different social classes. Then, one of them will carry a savage from America and he will be very frightened of this new world. The book ends as it started. People need 'soma', a drug which makes them feel better and forget all their problems. But the main problem is that they won't know how beauty life is with love,family and Shakespeare.
    I love this book. The things I'd like most are the way to express how the future doesn't have to be as perfect as people imagine it and the way in which it demonstrates the importance of family and love in each of our lives. I wouldn't change any part of the book,because I think it is perfect and thereby, it called more attention from the readers.
    All in all, I think people need love and a greatful family to grow up happily. People don't need to be conditioned to be happy with what they've got. I reckon this book shows what the future will be like if we forget all the important things in this world. In my opinion, having the same characteristics and being equal to another person is not original, and everyone has to be what they want to be, not what scientist or other people decide them to be. I really love this kind of books which make me think and reflect on the 'Brave new world' and the future of our real world.
    Paula Guzmán Jiménez 3ºESO B
  6. Marta Román Ruiz30 de mayo de 2013 19:45
    I'd like to recommend a book which I read recently called "The adventures of Tom Sawyer". The author of the book is Mark Twain.
    The book is an adventure book and the setting is a village near Mississipi river during the second half of the 19th century. The main characters are two young boys called Tom and Huck.
    The thing I liked most about the book were the friendship between Huck and Tom, the love that Tom feels for Becky and how Tom and Huck try to help people, but sometimes they do bad things because of their pride.
    All in all, I really liked the book because it's easy to understand and it has a simple plot. I wouldn't change any part of it.
  7. I'd like to recommend a book called "The Moonstone" the author of the book is John Boyne.
    It's a mistery book and the setting is in the United Kingdom around 1980. The main characters are Franklin Blake, Godfrey and Rachel.
    The plot is about a diamond that was stolen in India. The chapter I liked most was when Franklin proved his innocence and the most memorable scene is when Franklin found a letter from a woman who commited suicide.
    All in all I think that it is an interesting book and people who likes mystery books will enjoy it. I would change the beginning because it is a mess.
  8. Juan Díaz Ríos30 de mayo de 2013 22:07
    Treasure Island was a pirate book written by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. The story happened in a village on the south-west of England, in the beginning, and the ending in the Caribbean. The main characters are Jim and Long John Silver.
    ‘Treasure Island’ is a book which tells the typical pirate story. It tells the story of Jim, a boy who a pirate gave a treasure map of an old pirate. Other pirates wanted to take it, but he went to the Treasure Island with some sailors who were pirates. The pirates were in command with Long John Silver, a pirate who sailed with the owner of the old treasure. The pirates betrayed the rest of the crew, so they fought among themselves in order to find the treasure. In the island another character appeared, Ben Gunn, a pirate who Silver’s crew left there a few years before. When they found the place where the treasure was supposed to be, Ben said that he found the treasure so Jim, the captain of the ship, Silver, Ben and the doctor returned to the nearest town. There, Silver left them and the rest came back home.
    I just like the book a bit. The story was a bit strange and it was like the other pirates stories. Generally I don´t like pirate stories and this one is not an exception. Maybe the real book is better but I don´t like this adaptation because made the story a bit confusing. Perhaps, they suppressed some relevant facts which may change the story.
    I don’t like this book because I hate pirate stories but I recommend this book to those people who love pirate and adventure books.
  9. I would like to recommend a book which I have read not long time ago. It was written by Charles Dickens, and it is called “Christmas Carol”.

    The book tells the story of an unkind and egotistical man who only cares about money called Ebenezer Scrooge. It is the night before Christmas Eve, and Scrooge is alone, he has no friends. The ghost of his friend Marley has appeared and he will tell him some things and advise him

    The thing I like the most about the book was the different ghosts that appeared along the story. It is quite good because of the scenes of his life that the ghost showed to him. On the other hand, the thing I like the worst was the beginning of the story. However, it is a good story.

    In addition, I just have to say that I liked the story, and it has a happy ending, which I think it is good. That is why I recommend you to read it, I am sure that most of you will like it.
  10. Estrella Guerrero Caumel30 de mayo de 2013 23:05
    I´d like to recommend a book which I have read recently, called “Lord Arthur´s Savile Crime and other stories”. The author of the book is Oscar Wilde, who was born in the nineteenth century.
    Lord Arthur Savile´s Crime is a short, semi-comic mystery story and the setting is mainly in London, although there are some scenes in Italy too.
    The main characters in the story are Lord Arthur Savile, a rich young man, and Mr. Podgers, a fortune-teller (a palmist). Other characters are Sybil, Lord Arthur´s girlfriend, Lady Clementina Beauchamp, Lord Arthur´s cousin, and the Dean of Chichester, Lord Arthur´s uncle.
    The story begins when Mr. Podgers sees murder on Lord Arthur´s hand. The plot is about how Lord Arthur feels that he must murder someone before he is free to marry Sybil.
    The things I liked most about the play were the comic situations in which Lord Arthur’s got involved in his three attempted murders. After planning each of them in detail, everything goes wrong and comedy appears in every part of the story. Some of the scenes are memorable. One of them when Lord Arthur discovers that Lady Clem has died from natural causes and all his plan had been a complete disaster. The other one when the bomb in the clock goes off but the explosion is so tiny that no damage is produced and the Dean and his family have a good time laughing at the clock and thinking that it can be a good present for Lord Arthur´s wedding.
    All in all, I really liked this play because it makes us think about destiny. The palmist changes Lord Arthur´s life. Arthur was a quiet and a happy man who only thought of his wedding and the palmist turned him into another person, unsympathetic and ridiculous character in many situations. It’s ridiculous to murder someone because the palmist tells you that “he has read it in your hand”, and I think this is the most important fact of the whole book. Lord Arthur Savile´s Crime is an interesting and enjoyable story, easy to read and I have liked it very much.

    Estrella Guerrero Caumel 3ºB
  11. Cristina Soler García5 de junio de 2013 13:28

    I'd like to recommend a book which I read a week ago, it's called ''Hard Times''. And the author of the book is Charles Dickens

    The book is a drama, the story happened in the past and the setting is England. Most of the characters are important in the book. There is a couple, Stephen and Rachael, who suffer a lot. There is a girl called Sissy Jupe whose father is a man who is not sensitive at all. Louisa Gradgrind is a girl who is bored of learning only facts. And finally, Louisa's brother, Tom Gradgrind who is a bad person.

    The things that I liked the most about the book were that Charles Dickens shows lots of problems of our society for people to reason about all the injustices. I also liked the character of Sissy Jupe because she is very brave. And I really like that the story is easy to understand.

    All in all, I really liked the book, I would like it to have a sadder ending to give more emotion to the story. But it's still a very emotional book.

  12. I'd like to recommend a book which I read some weeks ago, called The Moonstone. The author of the book is Wilkie Collins.

    The book starts a hundred years ago when an English soldier stole the Moonstone (a yellow diamond from India) and took it to England.
    Rachel was John Herncastle's niece John was the English soldier. She was going to celebrate her eighteenth birthday, her cousin Franklin gave her the diamond because in John's will there was written that Rachel was the heiress of the jewel.
    She wore the diamond on her birthday party, but in the night she left it in her room and someone stole it. The servant girl, Rosanna, was one of the suspects because in the past she was in prison for being a thief. Later, she disappeared and it turned out she committed suicide by throwing herself into the quicksand down by the ocean.

    The thing I liked the most about the book was the scene when the diamond is stolen because you don't know who has been the thief and you doubt of everyone who were in the party.

    All in all, I liked the novel. It had a happy ending and I wouldn't change it. It is a mystery book a bit hard to read because there are a lot of changes during the story.

    María Nieto 3ºESO B
  13. Daniel Bandera García5 de junio de 2013 13:45
    I'd like to recommend a book called ''The Lost World'' written by Arthur Conan Doyle.

    In this book, the editor of the Daily Gazette, McArdle, sends his young reporter, Malone, on a strange journey into South America with the famous Professor Challenger. Challenger believes that he can find a lost world full of dinosaurs in the middle of the Amazon Forest. But this world is dangerous to reach,and, once the Professor and his small group of explorers arrive, things get evne more dangerous for them.

    The thing I like most is that it's a science fiction book, and I like science fiction books
  14. Javier Casado Alcoba5 de junio de 2013 19:14
    Oliver Twist

    I´d like to recommend a book which I have read recently, called Oliver Twist. It´s an amazing book. Its author is Charles Dickens.

    The book is a drama and the setting is England during the XVIII century. The main character is Oliver Twist. He is an orphan boy who has lived a lot of bad situations after he went to the orphanage.

    The things I like most about the book were the descrption of the ancient city in England and also the life of a boy in which you can enter and feel the same experience and feelings that he has felt during the events.

    All in all, the book is very intereesting and I think the best part of the book is the end, when Oliver Twist found the love of a famly.

    Javier Casado Alcoba 3ºB
  15. Evelyn Ouzande Gianfrancesco11 de junio de 2013 21:14
    Little House on the Prairie

    I'd like to recommend a book which I have read for my English lesson, called "Little House on the Prairie". The author of the book is Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    The book is about a family that decided to move to the West. It tells us the problems that they have and how they solve them. The father protects his family as much as he can.

    The thing I liked the most was when they were travelling to the West. And the thing I liked the least is more or less in the middle of the story because the story went on a bit slowly.

    All in all, I liked the book, and although it was a bit tiresome sometimes, I recommend it to the people who liked adventure and familiar stories.

    Evelyn Ouzande Gianfrancesco 3ºB
  16. I'd like to recommend a book called Sherlock Holmes and the sign of four whose writer is Arthur Conan Doyle.

    The book is a mystery book which setting is in London. The main characters are Sherlock Holmes (a famous detective) and Watson (a doctor who helps Sherlock in his investigations, apart for being the narrator of the story). The plot of the story is just one of their investigations, in this case a woman goes asking for their help because her father disappeared some years ago and till then she's been receiving pearls from an anonymous person. Sherlock and Watson start to investigate it and they discover a bigger mystery and a murder.

    I think that this book is quiet interesting for those people who like mystery stories. Sometimes it's a little bit difficult to follow the plot, which is a common characteristic in Sherlock Holmes' books, but the vocabulary is easy to understand, so, if you read it slowly it' s easy to understand.

    In conclusion, if you like reading mystery books, you should read it.
  17. Raquel Martín Serralvo - Great Expectations12 de junio de 2013 13:42
    I'd like to recommend a book that I have recently read. The book is called “Great Expectations”, written by the famous Charles Dickens.

    The book is a drama. The main character is Pip, an orphan boy that lived with his sister and his brother in law. One day a rich woman called Miss Havisham told Pip's sister if he could go to her house to play, but she didn't say with who. When he went to Miss Havisham's house, he met Estella, a beautiful girl, but very arrogant. Pip fell in love with Estella and he wanted to become a gentleman to conquer her. And then, a secret benefactor offered education to Pip. He was very happy but he didn't know who was the benefactor.

    The things I liked the most about the book were the plot, bacause is very interesting and Pip, that is my favourite character. A scene I liked was the first, when Pip is in the churchyard.

    All in all, I liked the book and I always wanted to read it. The story is sometimes very sad and Estella was sometimes very bad girl with Pip, but is a book I have enjoyed.
  18. -I`d like to recommend the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, this book was written by Mark Twain. My father recommended it to me and i liked it. It`s an adventure book
    -The book is about one boy, Huckleberry ,a poor boy whose best friend is Tom Sawyer. Huck`s father always steals money from him,so Huck leaves his home and find his friend Jim, a wanderer.
    They go everywhere in a raft. Later, they meet two men, at first they become friends, but later they discover that the two men are bad, so those men kidnap them. Huck gets to scape and rescues his friend Jim.In the end they return to their town and live at Huckleberry aunt`s house
    -In my opinion it`s a good book, it has many dialogues, so it`s easy to read. It`s an old book and I prefer nowdays books, but I really like this one,too
    - In conclusion, what the book wants to tell you about is the importance of friendship
  19. · BOOK REVIEW ·

    - I'd like to recommend "Frankenstein", written by Mary Shelley.

    -It's a horror story which takes place in Genera. The main character is Dr. Frankenstein, a doctor that created a monster with his same name, and when the doctor saw the monster, he escaped.

    - What I like most of the book is his plot, apart from the characters. It's very interesting as in the scene in which the monster met him again, but at the beginning it is sometimes boring.

    - I really like the novel but with a happy endin it would be better.

    * Francisco Pérez *
  20. The Curious case of Benjamin Button
    I´d like to recommend a book which a have read recently, called The Curious case of Benjamin Button. Its author is F. Scott Fitzgerald.
    The setting is in New Orleans in 1918, the plot is about a boy called Benjamin. He was born with old person´s appearance.
    I liked this book because it´s different, it´s not like the other books, I think it is the best book that I have read. The author did a good work.
    My favorite character is Benjamin because he is a nice person. I would change the ending because I hate sad endings.

    Álvaro Calado López
    I'd like to recommend a book which I have read recently, called "Around the world in 80 days". The author of the book is Jules Verne.
    The book is an adventure story and the setting is all the world during 80 days. The main characters are two men and a woman. The two men are from London and the woman is from India.
    The things I liked most about the book were the adventure of the train and the one in the circus. Some scenes are funny but on the other hand, there are some scenes that were very boring.
    All in all, I liked the novel and I wouldn't change the end because it was a happy ending. It's an easy book to read and is very interesting.
  22. Mario Espejo Lucena13 de junio de 2013 19:52

    I'd like to recommend a book called "Gangsters" that I liked so much.

    The book is a detective story about the life of the most famous gangsters that have ever existed, like Al Capone... It shows us how difficult their lives were and how sometimes they had to kill people. In this book there are also the names of important gangsters films, such as: "The Godfather", "Scarface"...

    The things I liked more about the book were the parts which talked about how gangsters killed people if they didn't pay them. Also, I enjoyed reading the life of Al Capone, because it was very interesting.

    All in all, I really liked the book, because there are a lot of stories that I liked. It's short and easy to read, and you will love it.
  23. Pedro Barroso Ortigosa 3ºB20 de junio de 2013 17:10

    I´d like to recommend a book which I love. It´s called Mr. Bean and it´s written by Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll.
    The book is a comedy, and the main and the funniest character is called Mr. Bean. The story started and finished in London, but he had to go to America to take care of a picture. Mr. Bean is too clumsy and he is always doing silly things.

    The thing I like the most is the part when Mr. Bean is in the plane, because you can laugh a lot. The thing that I don´t like is that the book is too short.
    All in all it´s the best book in English I’ve read ever.
  24. Álvaro Pérez Merino20 de junio de 2013 19:35
    The lost world

    I´d like to recommend this book because it has a very easy vocabulary and a nice story about prehistoric animals and their life.

    The book is about a scientist who says he has made a great discovery that will surprise the world. Then he organizes an expedition to the Amazon. When they arrive to the Amazon they hear something about a strange place where there are "rare animals". When he gets there he has to save the inhabitants who live there from other "rare animals".

    The thing I liked most about the book were the characters and the theme of the prehistoric life. Some of the scenes are memorable, but I didn´t like the plot, because sometimes it was very boring when it talks about dinosaurs.

    All in all, I really liked the book, because it was a science fiction book with some parts of comedy.
  25. Angel García García 3esB20 de junio de 2013 20:16
    The Last of The Mohicans

    In this book review, we are going to talk about the famous book called “The Last of the Mohicans”. It consists of an adventure experienced by the last Mohican, Munro, Alicia, Cora and the major Heyword.
    The book tells us about the story of the war between France and England for the colonization of some lands in the United States. When the reinforcements went to help the armed forces of England, the last Mohican saved the major Heyword, Cora and Alicia from a trap of the France forces. After that they continued their way. Later they fought against the armed forces of France.
    In my opinion, it is an interesting and exciting book. I like these kinds of books that narrate the war between two countries. The part that I most like is the beginning of the story because, I like when the last Mohican saved Heyword, Cora and Alicia.
    This is a book that I really recommend you to read because you will have a good time going through the adventures.
  26. Ikram Amraoui El Khalifi22 de junio de 2013 20:07
    I'd like to recommed a book which I have read recently called Sherlock Holmes: The Norwood Mistery. The author of the book is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
    The book is a detective and mistery book, and the setting is in Norwood and London during the summer of 1894. The main character is Sherlock Holmes, the detective.
    The thing I liked most is the way that Sherlock Holmes solved the case.
    All in all , I really liked the novel , and also the roles , a dead perso who is not dead , a revenge and the innocence of the boy.

    Written by Ikram Amraoui El Khalifi 3²B
  27. The Sign of Four

    I'd like to recommend Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four. It has been written by Arthur Conan Doyle. It is one of the 56 stories of Sherlock Holmes. The main characters are this detective and his friend Dr. Watson.

    The story starts when Miss Mary Moston goes to Sherlock's house and tells them a strange story: His father, a sailor, went to London and wrote a letter to her daughter, telling her to visit him. When she went to the hotel she was in, his father had disappeared. During the last six years of her life she has received a pearl from a strange person. Now, she received a letter telling her to go to a street with two friends. So, she asks them to go with her.

    I really liked this story because It's interesting. It's a mystery, but it also has got action. But there's one thing that I didn't enjoy: the end. It gives a lots of information and introduces a lot of new characters in a really small chapter, and they had really strange names, so it's really difficult to distinguish them.

    All in all, it's a very good book and I really liked it. I would just change the end and do it longer so the reader would understand the book easily.

    Nuria Luque Maldonado.

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